Collection: Adam Cohen

Meet our featured collaborating Artist from the US: Adam Cohen
In his recent essay of my work, art critic Carter Ratcliff described my paintings as “Tumultuous Harmonies.”
Carter continues by saying:
“A painting by Adam Cohen is like a sudden burst of light. Vision is dazzled by a surface alive with color, swarming with incident. As you approach the canvas, it feels as if it were coming forward to meet you, to immerse you in a field of visual energy. The marks’ disruptive force both accentuates and challenges harmonies that connect underlying colors into a unified field. Calm makes a tentative peace with exhilarated energy and the emotional stakes are raised to new heights of intensity. And in that intensity we sense further possibilities. Cohen has created a way of painting with its future built in.

 I’m interested in what makes abstract painting inexhaustible and immerses the viewer in its myriad connections of color, marks and gestural energy. What matters is honesty, intuition and deep personal expression.