Collection: Mariella Taliercio

Meet our featured collaborating Artist From Italy: Mariella Taliercio...

Coming from the field of finance, and perhaps for this very reason, I paint to feed myself with all forms of art. My passion and basic techniques were instilled in me by my artist-teacher, Maria Petrucci in my pre-teen years. After many years of research and study, I arrived at the “Ecole d’art Martenot, located in Rome, some twenty years ago. The center is directed by Loris Liberatori, a great artist and painter of his own merit. It is his direction that has allowed me to grow and explore new forms of painting.

My technique has developed in a mix use of pencil, ink, pastels, watercolors, and above all oil paints, combining them on mixed media such as sand, marble dust, ash, fabrics, enamels, and tar. All my paintings start with a deep study and technical drawings of my subject and from there, I am able to realize my artistic expression or interpretation.

I have a special love for figurative art, but I do not limit myself.

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