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Mila+Mate Luxury Scarf Ocean Breeze

Luxury scarves, shawls and headscarves inspired by Art.

Each design is meticulously inspired to create memorable scarves, shawls, kimonos and headscarves in beautiful combinations, using true artist creations, clean color groupings and the softest natural materials.

Mila+Mate is a Vision of Two!

Our scarves, foulards and headscarves are crafted in Italy.

Beautiful soft fabrics, colorful designs inspired by Travel, Galleries, or just by People Watching.

Designed from the heart.


Golden Rooster - inspired from Mariella’s painting ‘Gallo’. We found the gold and teal colors merging beautifully together. Her 'Rooster' is loved by everyone.

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Collaborating Artist

Meet our versatile Artist From Italy: Mariella Taliercio

Based in Rome she developed a mix use of pencil, ink, pastels, watercolors and above all oil paints. Combining them on mixed media such as...