Moon Parrots

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Moonlit Blue Parrots painted by Mariella Taliercio. Hues of blues and greys, showing a silhouette of two parrots perched together.

  • Crinkle Silk | Material Code: CK-SE.100%
  • + The creases give the design character and highlights the white in the design, helping the colors pop.
  • Modal Cashmere | Material Code: MD.90% + WS.10%
  • + Soft and comfy, this material slightly darkens the design.
  • Modal Silk | Material Code: MD.85% + SE.15% 
  • + Soft and comfy; this material slightly darkens the colors, but give you a hint of shimmer.
  • Slow Fashion | Quality control for each piece 
  • Hand rolled edges
  • Size: 55.12 x 70.86 in | 140 x 180 cm
  • Style: Oversized Rectangular Scarf 

Crafted In Italy


Customer Reviews

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Natalia Petridou
beautiful luxury elegance

I absolutely love this scarf, the material is very soft, the colors and design are gorgeous! The size and material is perfect to either use as a scarf or to wrap around you, it feels like wearing a luxurious piece of art. Beautiful!


We choose each specific design, its specific fabric. When creating a collection, we take into consideration the artwork, our clients, and the materials we offer. Our mission is to show and enhance the artwork offered by using fabrics that can do justice to the specific design. 

Crinkle silk or Crepon is a lightweight, almost transparent silk fabric with irregular folds that takes color very well. There is no reverse side usually, and it shows great depth and texture. 

Crinkle silk wraps and ties easily. You can make your scarf into a top, wrap it as a pareo, a sash or just elegantly drape it over your shoulders. Great use of our 70 x 200 cm oblong scarves can be used in a retro dramatic look...maybe channeling a little Audrey or Liz vibe.


When designing, we try to capture the essence of beauty and inspiration. Drawing inspiration from various sources such as events, travels, and everyday life. We look for moments that deeply resonate with us. Whether it's an art exhibit that leaves a lasting impression or the breathtaking simplicity of nature, these influences shape our creative vision.

We believe in collaborations and nurturing artistic expression. Working closely with talented artists, we try to match our shared inspirations with what will make captivating scarf designs. We carefully select high-quality fabrics and explore various techniques to bring ours and our collaborating artist visions to life. 

The result is a collection of scarves that embody the spirit of our inspirations and showcase the artistry behind Mila+Mate.

Crinkle Silk or Crepon is a lightweight, almost transparent silk fabric with irregular folds that takes color very well. There is no reverse side usually, and it shows great depth and texture. 

To keep the creases, twist it and roll it.

Our scarves, if properly cared for, are very durable. The characteristics of each of the materials used, gives it their durability. To maintain its shape, luster and overall material, we recommend Dry Clean Only.

For airing out after use, drape your scarf on a hanger and let it hang in your bathroom while you are taking a shower. The steam created will help take away most odors, like that of food and smoke and to an extent perfumes.

Additionally, store your scarves in a clean, dry place to prevent damage from moisture or pests.

Every person develops their own way on 'how to wear it', your scarf.

Beside draping them over your shoulders or wrapping them around your neck, you can look at short videos and photos where we show you unique and fun ways to wear them.

Take a look at our Instagram account; @milaandmate for lots of ideas.

The package is mailed in a recyclable black pouch. Most people do not keep the original packaging for most items. We try to be conscious of the effect on the environment.

The actual scarf has a tag attached to it.

We strongly recommend Dry Clean Only to maintain its shape and luster.

Proper care is essential to prolonging a scarf's lifespan. Always follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer, as different materials may require specific cleaning methods.

Should you feel confident enough to hand wash your Mila+Mate product; it should be in cold water with a gentle detergent. You would need to pat down the excess water and dry flat wrapped in a towel. Once dry, if it is any of our materials apart from our crinkle silk, we would recommend using a light iron, dial placed at the correct level for the material in question or a steamer to get rid of the wrinkles.

* Do not use iron on crinkle silk fabric.

But we STRONGLY recommend Dry Clean Only.

You may exchange your purchase should you change your mind within the 14-day window from date of shipping. To make any exchanges you will need to contact us at within the 14-day period. All tags will remain intact as received, in the same wrapping. Once we approve the exchange you will need to send the merchandise back to the address we provide, and we will send out your new choice to you.